Design the right space for your lab

Within the industry, a laboratory requires a correct adaptation of the spaces in order to offer its workers adequate safety standards that provide protection.


If you want to get started with your lab, it’s much better. Because it’s the moment when you have an open letter to distribute your furniture at your whim, without an expansion that ends up adjusting the staff improperly.


The design of the laboratory in the chemical industry has to be done thinking not only of the work teams but also of the people who are going to work there. For this reason, the initial design of a laboratory must take into account the equipment to be used and the

spatial, communication, storage and carrying out of both the laboratory’s own work and the associated intellectual and administrative work.


An initial design based on the spatial generosity of the different work areas, with an adequate distribution and location of these along with the administrative, reading, rest and cleaning areas will allow a laboratory focused on carrying out the work in optimal conditions of profitability, reliability, efficiency and safety.


Among the services we offer in Kalstein as a complete package for this area of laboratory space design, we have the following:


Design, manufacture and installation of custom-made furniture according to the customer’s requirements and needs in the following areas: sterilization, contamination or decontamination, centrifugation, diagnosis, sample testing, analysis and everything related to laboratories.


Consultancy, design, installation, commissioning and training of personnel in all the equipment requested by the client in the laboratory areas mentioned above.


If you are looking for the best solution to create a complete professional laboratory, please contact us by filling in the application form attached to our website and our specialized staff will contact you to analyze your case and give you our proposal.


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